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Stuart Cowan elected as Chair of BTP Federation

11 May, 2022

British Transport
Police Federation
May 11, 2022

Stuart Cowan elected as Chair of BTP Federation

Stuart Cowan will be the next National Chair of BTP Federation.

Stuart joined BTP in 2005, initially serving in Edinburgh. Primarily a response officer, he has also worked Neighbourhood Policing. Stuart became a Federation rep in 2016 and is currently the Secretary of the D Division (Scotland) committee and national lead for Health and Safety.

Stuart said: "I'm honoured to have been chosen by my colleagues to lead BTP Federation.

"The impact Nigel Goodband has made in his time has been monumental and I believe I can bring fresh drive and commitment which will allow this Federation to flourish as we move into a new and challenging future.

"There is much work to do. Assaults against officers remain high, mental health continues to be a concern and like many people across the country, our colleagues are facing financial problems. The Federation is often the first port of call for colleagues who are in difficulty and our reps need the best possible support and training to assist them and represent their views."

An election was called after Nigel Goodband, announced his intention to retire this summer, having held the position since 2016. Stuart was one of four officers who put themselves forward for the role and votes were cast by Federation Reps from across the force area.

Nigel Goodband said: "It has been an outright privilege to have represented some of the best police officers in the country. Being the National Chair of this Federation is an absolute honour, nonetheless, now is the time to hand over the baton to someone fresh, with new ideas and an abundance of enthusiasm. "I would like to thank all who stood for election. It is never easy standing against your colleagues and asking your peers to choose between you. Thanks to all who had the courage to stand and to our delegates for voting.

"Congratulations to Stuart, who I know will be a fantastic Chair for BTP Federation. His leadership style will shine through, and he will continue with rigour and determination to represent our brave, dedicated and brilliant officers."

Following a handover period with Nigel Goodband, Stuart Cowan will begin his new role on 21 August 2022.