Victim & Witness Care

BTP Federation assists members with a range of issues including pay, terms and conditions, and misconduct. The support we provide to officers who find themselves under investigation is widely known, but we also support members who are victims or witnesses.

As well as being well versed in police regulations, Federation reps can advise on matters such as bullying and grievances, reasonable adjustments, flexible working plans, and issues around unlawful discrimination. Our reps have resolved many such issues but for reasons of confidentiality, this aspect of our work often isn’t well known.

What you can expect

We are working to ensure any of our members who are victims or witnesses are fully aware of what they can expect from the Federation once they have contacted us. For example:

  • We will provide a safe space for you to speak with us.

  • We will assign a Federation rep to you. You can choose to have a rep from your own or another division; in either case that rep will not represent the other party.

  • We will maintain your confidentiality and your details will not be shared with any other Federation rep.

  • Your rep will guide you through the process and can liaise with PSD, investigators, and supervisors, and accompany you to meetings as appropriate.

  • Your rep can also signpost you to support services – within and outside the Force – if these may be helpful and provide you with advice around claims, such as personal injury.

What our reps won’t do is give advice or updates on the investigation; this will be done by the investigating department. If you disclose any [further] criminal offences, the Federation will be compelled to inform the relevant department.

Contact us

If you need support, the first step is to contact the Federation. You can do this by emailing info@btpfed.co.uk or by calling 020 8761 8071.