National Executive

The National Executive officers negotiate on matters affecting pay, allowances, hours of duty, annual leave, pensions and other related matters. They are consulted on regulations around training, promotion, discipline and police duties. Through these negotiation and consultation procedures the Federation seeks to influence both pay and other benefits as well as the development of professional standards.

The Exec maintains close links with Police Federations across the UK in order to stay up-to-date on national matters affecting pay and conditions. They also engage with Government ministers and MPs legislation which may affect working conditions.

Stuart Cowan - National Chair

Stuart Cowan is the National Chair of the Federation. He acts as the internal and external spokesperson for The Federation, ensuring a clear united voice. He ensures that the welfare and efficiency of the members are at the heart of service where he works collaboratively with - and challenges, when required - those within the Force.

He joined BTP in 2005 and in that time has spent time in response and neighbourhood policing and also in District posts. Stuart is also a Searched Trained Leader, PSU Officer, and a Football Liaison Officer.

Stuart was elected National Chair in August 2022.

Mark Marshallsay - General Secretary

Mark Marshallsay is the General Secretary. He is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Federation, its staff and representatives, as well as negotiating with the force and Chief Officers regarding force policy.

He joined BTP in 1992 and has held roles including PC at Coventry, Wolverhampton, and Liverpool, during which time he served on response policing, NPT, Initiative Teams and was an Officer Protection Trainer.

Mark was elected as the Federation’s Treasurer in 2017 before becoming General Secretary in 2020.

Pete Kingham - Treasurer

Pete Kingham is the Federation’s Treasurer. He is responsible for the Federation’s finances, maintaining secure systems for income and expenditure control, and monitoring cash flow. He also works with the Federation’s investment advisors and auditors to prepare statutory returns and annual accounts.

Pete joined BTP in 1991 and has worked at locations across London including West Ham, Aldgate, Baker Street and on the Docklands Light railway. He had roles in the Operational Performance Control Room and the Events team at FHQ.

Pete was elected as Treasurer in April 2020.

Ryan Griffiths - Deputy National Chair

Ryan Griffiths is the Deputy National Chair. He is responsible for matters that affect the Force nationally as directed by the Chair and will deputise where necessary. He also attends National Negotiating Meetings as part of the National Executive. This role is in addition to Ryan’s Federation duties and allows him to continue to support members requiring assistance.

Ryan is a PC at Middlesbrough on the Pennine East Area where he is responsible for Policing and investigating crime as part of a Divisional Proactive Team.

Paul Miller - Assistant General Secretary

Paul Miller is the Assistant General Secretary of the Federation, deputising for and supporting the General Secretary, Mark Marshallsay. He is also the Area Secretary for B Division East and A Division.

Paul is a Detective Crime Trainer in BTP. He delivers training to post foundation officers, PIP interview courses and family liaison officer courses. He assists with all the other courses run by the Crime Training faculty as and when required including advance interview, Rasso, and ICIDP (CID) courses.