British Transport Police Federation is a staff association which represents British Transport Police officers in matters affecting their welfare and efficiency. Most BTP officers are members; around 3000 in total. We are governed by a constitution which you can find here.

We offer a range of support for members from welfare advice and assistance with personal issues to representation for discipline matters, to legal advice for those facing criminal proceedings when on duty. Members are also eligible to join the Group Insurance Scheme.

There is more information on our services here.

Serving police officers from the rank of Constable to Chief Inspector and members of BTP's Special Constabulary are eligible to join the Federation.

Membership of the Federation is optional, but we are the only organisation which represents your interests and negotiates on your behalf.

We negotiate to maintain and improve conditions of service and pay for our members. We represent and promote the interests and welfare of our members and support colleagues to achieve the required professional standards. Finally, we seek to influence decision-makers on matters affecting our members and the wider police service.

If you are a Special, then you will be aware you are performing a challenging role which comes with a unique set of risks. Given the situations you are likely to encounter as part of the wider policing family, the support of the Federation could be invaluable.

For police officers, membership costs £18.50 per lunar month (four-weekly) and the fee is deducted at source from your pay.

Additionally, officers who are members of the Federation can choose to join the Group Insurance scheme. The cost is £25.59* every four weeks.
*Figure correct as at 1 May 2022.

Find out more about the Group Insurance Scheme.

*Figure correct as at 1 May 2020.

For Specials, the cost of membership is £20.04 per calendar month. This cost is covered by BTP.

Additionally, Specials who are members of the Federation can choose to join the Group Insurance scheme. The cost is £27.72** per calendar month. Payment is taken via Direct Debit but this cost cannot be reclaimed from BTP.

Find out more about the Group Insurance Scheme.

**Please note, the lower cost of Group Insurance for Specials reflects the different level of cover provided, namely that sickness cover is not provided. This is due to the complexity of the interaction between an individual's day job and time spent volunteering as a Special.

Police officers can join the Federation by completing this short application form and returning it to the Federation office at West Dulwich.

Specials should use the relevant application form and return it to the Federation Office.

In the first instance, you should speak to one of your local reps. In many cases, issues can be resolved locally. Where that's not possible, local reps can escalate issues to the Federation's Management Board or Executive Team.

Your local rep will be able to offer advice and help you to complete an application for legal support. The provision of legal assistance involving the support of legal proceedings is a matter entirely at the discretion of the Chairperson. In considering whether proceedings shall be supported, the Chair will consider the principals involved, the conduct of the member, the sums at stake, and all other relevant factors such as legal guidance and opinions.

Federation legal advice is provided to Specials for incidents/events connected with their policing duties.

Your Federation membership will end automatically when you leave BTP. Should you wish to cancel your membership at any other time, please email your request to info@btpfed.co.uk.

If you are thinking about cancelling your membership, please consider speaking with us prior to doing so. Your feedback is important and helpful.

BTP Federation is funded by its members. Our accounts are published here.