The UK Police Family Finance Specialists

Metfriendly gives members of the Police Family the opportunity to provide for their future financial security through education, information and fair-value products.

Metfriendly is owned by its members and only focus on the Police Family. The organisation was established by Police Officers nearly 130 years ago, so they are experienced at understanding the financial challenges of working for the Police and the importance of their family's financial wellbeing. Metfriendly also supports many initiatives to help improve the mental and financial wellbeing of the Police Family across the UK.

If you are a serving or retired BTP Officer or work for British Transport Police, Metfriendly has financial products and services designed with your needs in mind. The good news is that your family members can also join and take advantage of tax-efficient products.

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To help you better understand your financial options:

  • For events where you can learn more about regular savings plans to pay into during Service, to help plan for your future life goals.

  • For events geared up to help you towards buying your first home and or supplement your retirement and receive free money from the Government.

  • To help you take advantage of your ISA Allowance.