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#BTPBrilliance honoured at awards ceremony

15 Sept 2023

British Transport
Police Federation
15 Sept 2023

honoured at awards ceremony

Brave and dedicated British Transport Police officers have been honoured at the annual British Transport Police Federation Awards of Excellence.

The event was held at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton on Wednesday 13 September and attended by guests including BTP's Chief Constable, Lucy D'Orsi. Everyone nominated for an award had been put forward by their colleagues, with the final winners chosen by a panel of Federation reps from across the country.

Chair of BTP Federation, Stuart Cowan, said: "Police officers run towards danger. They put the safety of others before their own, as we have seen so tragically in recent weeks.

"Behind the scenes, officers work diligently, investigating circumstances, collating evidence. So much of this work doesn't make the papers. Those cases that do can't convey the sweat, tears and occasionally, blood, that goes into police work.

"One of the most important aspects of my role is championing the exceptional work of our members."

The following officers received Awards of Excellence:

PC Rhys Davies and Police Dog Indie were honoured for bravely confronting and gaining safe control of a teenager who was believed to be armed. The pair's arrival on the scene at Pontypridd train station followed reports of a teenage boy waving a firearm at members of the public.

PC Carl Cowper received an award for his role in the emergency response to a devastating wildfire in Wennington, East London. PC Cowper was first on the scene of the incident on 19 July 2022 - the hottest day ever recorded in the UK. He helped to evacuate homes, put out flames and support members of the public.

DC Carl Wayte was recognised for his role in dismantling a network of county-line criminals and safeguarding a vulnerable 13-year-old child being exploited to sell drugs. Two people were found guilty of conspiracy to supply class A drugs. One was sentenced to nine years, the other three and a half years.

Special Sergeant James Cross was honoured for his dedication to duty. The officer - who is a pilot in his day job - has worked on the response team at Wembley in London for more than eighteen months. He has gone above and beyond in his voluntary role, giving many hours of his time, and using skills to identify and arrest suspects for both burglary and attempted murder.

PC Henry Thomas and PC Louis McGrail received an award in recognition of their actions in saving a man's life. They spent eleven hours with the man, attempting to calm him when he became aggressive and threatening. The pair's quick-thinking ultimately prevented the man from killing himself. They returned him to safety and the care of medical professionals.

DC Kath Spencer and DC Mark Luker received an award on behalf of the Investigation Review team in Major, Serious and Organised Crime South (MSOC). This team is reviewing all unsolved and undetected rape offences that have been reported to the force and last month secured a guilty verdict in a distressing case.

DCI Mick Jackson received BTP Federation's Lifetime Achievement Award. This widely-admired officer has worked on many high-profile cases over an astonishing 48-year policing career - and supported colleagues when they have needed it most, in his role as a Federation representative.

The details of three other awards presented on the night cannot be shared at this stage.

The Awards of Excellence are part of BTP Federation's annual conference which takes place with the support of kind sponsors Serve & Protect Credit Union, Motorfinity, Police Mutual, Uniform Mortgages, Arc Legal, George Burrows and Reynolds Dawson Solicitors.