General Secretary's Blog for June


Colleagues, I have the pleasure of writing the blog for June 2023. Stuart is on holiday, hopefully enjoying a well-earned break and a beer or two.

Firstly, I will start by congratulating ACC Sean O'Callaghan (OBE), Cath Daley (MBE) and Ezekiel Awoyomi (BEM) for all being named in the King's Birthday Honours. A fantastic achievement and thoroughly well deserved.

A further congratulations goes to former Chair Nobby Goodband, who finally collected his MBE at a ceremony at Windsor Castle. Well done, Nobby, we hope you had a great day.

Layers and Spans

We continue to be engaged with by the L&S team, which of course is appreciated. The proposed rosters for both Duty Inspectors and Station Commanders have been sanctioned by COG and the formal consultation period commenced on 26th June 2023. This period will run for 28 days and will be followed by a 14-day post consultation review. This is where any feedback or counter proposals can again be submitted.

I have personally reviewed the rosters and can confirm that they both comply with the Working Time Agreement, Regulations, and medical recommendations as to how roster patterns should run.

We are also aware that B Division are looking at the 6/4 roster for PCs and PSs and recommendations were that both Inspector roster and this roster should be implemented at the same time. This has resulted in the implementation date being pushed back to 1 November 2023. Please submit your feedback and any counter proposals, it is important to still have your say.

Steve Forrest is the Federation SPOC for the 6/4 roster for PC's and PSs. If you have any concerns or comments, please contact him on steve.forrest@btpfed.co.uk


We had our National Negotiating Meeting with the Force this month and as Stuart mentioned in his previous blog, one of the items discussed was mileage claims. To be clear, mileage claims are for using your personal vehicle to get to your normal place of work and this expense must be authorised by an event commander. For this, only social/commute insurance is needed and not business insurance.

I discussed the situation around officers travelling to Tulliallan Police Training school in Scotland and the fact that, for student officers attending, this is their normal place of work for the duration of their training, as it is for those who attend Spring House. Tulliallan is in a remote location and is not accessible by train, so personal vehicles must be used. Business insurance is not needed for this, again only social/commute. The Force has conceded to review this and will keep us informed when a decision is made.

Summer events

As usual, the summer period brings with it many events that need policing, even more so with the glorious weather. This Federation has been involved in the planning stages and meetings for events such as Notting Hill Carnival (NHC). Dean Percival is the Fed SPOC for NHC and will be attending all meetings to ensure that the Federation's voice and views are heard and more importantly, your welfare is considered. If anyone has any concerns around NHC, please contact Dean on the following email dean.percival@btpfed.co.uk

The British Open Golf is being held at Hoylake next month and after the disappointing news from some members around welfare for Eurovision, I would hope that lessons have been learned and the same is not replicated on this occasion.

Whatever the event or occasion, can I just thank you for your forbearance, as inevitably shifts and rest days may be changed. If this is the case, I urge the Force to communicate the reasons why these changes must be made. Our officers are hardworking professionals, who if told the rationale will find it easier to accept the situation than if brief information is given in a one-line oracle.

Operation Hampshire

Op Hampshire (Assaults Against Police) is reported by many members as not being strictly adhered to. As well as this, it is also being reported that prosecutions for offences towards BTP Officers and staff, are not being dealt with efficiently by the courts when compared to Home Office forces.

To that end, Tom Jepson (thomas.jepson@btpfed.co.uk) has been nominated as the Federation SPOC for any issues concerning Op Hampshire. So, please do not hesitate to come forward with examples of both good and bad practices, so we can assess what needs changing moving forward.

PFEW's Ballot of Members for Industrial Action

Some of you may have seen communications put out by PFEW to their members, about being balloted again around Industrial Action. Obviously, whatever PFEW does, tends to have a knock-on effect on all other non-Home Office Federations. I have been personally contacted by the General Secretary of PFEW, Calum McLeod, who has provided an explanation as to what this means.

This is a notion in an embryonic stage and still needs legal advice and opinion to see how it can be taken forward. There is no consistency or framework or anything tangible for that matter, around this notion at this moment. We will of course, watch with interest, liaise closely with PFEW and keep you updated.

Management Board meeting

This month, the Federation Management Board meeting was held at the conference facilities at the Police Treatment Centre (PTC) in Harrogate. As well as the meeting, the management board members were given a tour of the centre and shown how vital they are in aiding the recovery process of officers who attend. All agreed that the centre was first class and will take this message back to their home stations and colleagues.

The meeting prompted healthy discussion and the management board members were given updates on Layers & Spans, NNM and details of upcoming training courses for our reps. It was also an opportunity for the divisional chairs and secretaries to provide the Executive with an update on local issues.


This Federation is constantly investing in courses for our reps, to help them with their roles and subsequently be able to serve our members better.

Over the weeks and months ahead, reps from all over the Force will be attending a Misconduct Course, which means that all Fed reps will now be Federation Friend qualified.

There will also be opportunities to attend Neurodiversity Workshops, Inclusivity and Diversity Workshops and Pension Inputs, to name but a few. All courses are designed around Fed reps and enhancing their role and knowledge.

Charity Challenges

Stuart Cowan and Gary Thwaite (CEO of the Civil Nuclear Police Federation CNPF) are embarking on a 500km hike from Cockermouth in Cumbria where CNPF is based, to our offices in West Dulwich. They are doing this to raise money for the not-for-profit organisation PTSD999 and to increase awareness of blue light mental health, one step at a time.

There's more information to come on this ahead of them setting off on 25 July and their fundraising page can be found here.

From a personal point of view, I would also like to mention my recent charity event - a 24-hour treadmill challenge to raise funds for the Police Treatment Centres. I successfully completed this on Wednesday 3 May on a treadmill at St Andrews Police Treatment Centre, in Harrogate. It was hard work - the blisters on my feet were testament to that and my swollen ankles confirmed as much - but it was worth it in the end.

In total I walked 87 km or 2 marathons, burnt nearly 8,000 calories and lost 3kg in weight over the 24-hour period. So far I have raised £3,130.00 which I am thrilled about, but more would be fantastic and go a long way to assist the great work that the PTCs do. My JustGiving page is still open, so please if you can, donate whatever you can. Thank you.

I hope you found this blog of some value and it was a good enough substitute for Stuart's. Please take care of yourself and each other, especially in this hot weather and I thank you all sincerely, for your dedication.


*Did you know* The Police Treatment Centres in Harrogate and Auchterarder can be accessed for £7.80 per 4 weeks (free for the first 12 months for student officers) This allows you two weeks, each year at the centre, which offer excellent service for physical and psychological conditions.

Both centres also offer B&B on Friday and Saturday nights from as little as £50 per night, depending on the time of year. So, if you fancy a weekend away, please check the Hospitality Offers section of their website.

Mark Marshallsay
General Secretary, BTP Federation