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BTP Federation Welfare Fund

The British Transport Police Federation Welfare fund was set up to help officers who are facing adversity or experiencing financial difficulties. Officers can apply for a grant (which does not have to be paid back) or an interest free loan.

By way of some examples, grants have previously been used to:

  • Install a wet room at the home of a retired officer who is living with a medical condition
  • Support unexpected costs arising at a very difficult time for an officer who took on the care of three young children following a death in the family
  • Enable an officer and their family to take a short break away following a challenging personal situation.
Loans have been given to officers to:
  • Cover the deposit for a rental property following the breakdown of a relationship - finance wasn't available by any other means
  • Fund car repairs for an officer who had no other way to get to work and no alternative finances to cover the cost
Who is eligible to apply for support?

The Welfare Fund is funded by Federation members and donations received from individuals and organisations - often those who have been helped by BTP officers and want to show their gratitude.

The Fund is open to serving or retired members of the British Transport Police Federation, or the widows, orphans or dependants of such persons. This includes Special Constables. We will consider applications from ex-members where we can and where funds allow.

Please note, grants cannot be used for:
  • Rent or mortgage arrears
  • Settling debts
  • Car loans
  • Health Scans or private surgery (however loans may be available)
How to apply

The application form is available here. You will be asked to provide personal and financial information as part of your application and this data will be handled sensitively. BTP Federation's privacy policy is available here.

Should you need assistance to complete the application form or wish to speak to someone about your circumstances you can find your local rep here or contact the Federation office using info@btpfed.co.uk.

Please Note: Should a loan recipient leave the service of the British Transport Police, the whole amount outstanding will be repaid prior to their leaving. Failure to repay in accordance with the terms of this agreement may lead to legal action for recovery of the whole outstanding sum and / or referral to the Professional Standards Department.