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Federation election results

9 March, 2022

British Transport
Police Federation
March 9, 2022

Federation election results

John Paul O'Kane and Tanya Rickard are two of the reps who have been re-elected

Members across the country have voted to elect their new Federation representatives.

Fourteen reps stood unopposed, but elections were needed in Pennine West (Constables), Wales and Midland (Constables and Inspectors), B Division East (Constables and Inspectors), B Division South (Constables, Sergeants and Inspectors) and TFL (Sergeants).

Votes have been checked and verified and the results of the election have been circulated to members. Our website will be updated with contact details for all of our reps shortly.

Divisional committees will meet this month to decide who will take on the roles of Chair and Secretary. All new reps will receive their initial training in May, with Federation Friends courses taking place in May and June.

General Secretary, Mark Marshallsay, said: "Being a Federation Rep is both an honour and a challenge, and we thank everyone who put themselves forward to represent and support their colleagues.

"Given the independent review of the Federation, this cohort of reps will play a crucial role in shaping the future of this organisation and ensuring it is in a strong position to continue assisting officers for many years to come."

Further elections will be held to fill an Inspector vacancy in D Division and a Constable vacancy in Pennine East. In Wales and Midland region, the vote for the Inspector rep post was tied, so that election will also be repeated. Local reps will be in touch with more details.

If you're not yet a member of the Federation or would like a reminder of the role Fed reps play, there is more information available here.