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Your pension questions answered

22 Aug 2023

British Transport
Police Federation
22 Aug 2023

Your pension questions answered

Do you fully understand your Railway's police pension? Are you aware of the options you have when taking benefits? Do you know what would happen with your pension if you were to divorce, remarry or start working more flexibly?

Someone who knows all the answers to these questions and many more is Emma Norman, BTP's Pensions Manager. Her role was introduced in 2019 to support the force and its employees with pensions; she assists the BTPA, Support Associations and all members of the pension scheme.

Emma told us: "Since my role was introduced, I have worked to set up pension training, which is available to all members of the pension scheme and embedded a communication plan to engage people with pensions. I train Support Association reps and the wider people function to understand pensions and the processes around it better. I also offer support to all employees that are going through ill health pension process."

She added: "Behind the scenes, I sit on pension committees and work on pension valuations. I'm the admin for a Yammer community where I try engage more people in pensions issues. I also do a lot of work on financial wellbeing. I try to make myself available to employees to answer questions and get members thinking about pension."

We're inviting you to submit your burning pension questions to Emma.

Questions that are relevant to many of us will be answered in a future blog (no names or personal information will be mentioned). Where your query is specific to your own circumstances, Emma will endeavour to reply directly to you.

So, what would you like to know about the pension scheme(s)? Is there something you're not sure about but haven't felt able to ask?

Please send your questions to Emma using Pension-Queries@btp.police.uk by Friday 1 September.