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Maternity survey

10 June, 2022

British Transport
Police Federation
June 10, 2022

Maternity survey

If you have had a period of maternity leave at any point in your policing career, your thoughts and experiences could help shape the way BTP and other forces support women during and after pregnancy.

The Open University is carrying out vital research that aims to understand the provision of maternity support in policing. Their National Maternity Experiences Survey is fully endorsed and backed by both the Police Federation and Unison.

The survey is open to officers and staff and is available here.

You are encouraged to be as open and honest you feel comfortable with - the more detailed the accounts the better the data will be to drive forward change. The data is not looking to identify any individual and the survey will not record any personal identifiers or emails.

You have until midnight on Monday 27th June to submit your responses.