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About the Female Police Association

10 Aug 2023

British Transport
Police Federation
10 Aug 2023

About the Female Police Association

While BTP Federation represents all members, irrespective of their background or identity, we recognise and are grateful for the diverse experience and knowledge of the Employee Support Associations.

We're keen to work closely with the ESAs because our collective voice can and does make a difference to our colleagues. With that in mind, and following on from conversations we have been having with them recently, we have invited the Female Police Association to (re)introduce themselves to you.

My name is Ritu Sharma and I have been the chair of the Female Police Association since May 2022. I would like to remind all recipients of the role we undertake and how FPA can assist you.

The FPA is British Transport Police's network aimed at supporting its female Officers, PCSOs, Staff and SPCs. The aims of the Female Police Association are to:
  • Develop and provide a support network for female employees
  • Identify areas of concern specific to women and help to eliminate and address them in a positive manner
  • Make a positive contribution to increasing the representation of women in specialist departments and in the management structure
  • Work with other minority groups to progress diversity issues
There are a number of strands within FPA that affect women such as menopause, maternity and flexible working. Having said this we also now have male employees contacting us with issues that we can usually assist with, such as flexible working. We understand that men play just as much of a role in bringing up children as women therefore our doors are open to all. We have also introduced maternity buddies who have gone through IVF and same sex couples adopting to improve our diversity within FPA.

The recent Casey Report has shocked the nation. Our thoughts are with all the victims within the report. As a support network it is important that we are cited on the findings and development of the Casey report. The FPA is aware it needs to play a big part in assisting our organisation to make BTP a better workforce. At the FPA we want to create an environment where our networks feel supported enough to 'Speak Up'.

One of the ways we are moving forward is having a better relationship with Federation. This will ensure we can reach out to each other when required and support our members better.

Intersectionality is important to us, and we look to other networks to engage with them and have a more joint approach. ESAs have been provided with additional development on how we can make it a more meaningful, purposeful group. With this in mind, we have established our own aims and objectives in line with those of BTP.

Since I have become chair of the FPA there have been some amazing highlights and achievements for women in BTP such as promotions to senior levels. We are actively taking part in recruitment to ensure we have a good representation at recruitment events; it's something we are passionate about as would like to see more females in the organisation.

You can contact the Female Police Association in BTP using the email address FPA@btp.police.uk