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George Burrows Group Insurance

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The British Transport Police Federation Group Insurance Scheme is provided by George Burrows. The package of benefits includes:
  • £130,000 Life Assurance
  • Personal Accident cover
  • £10,000 Critical Illness Cover
  • Sickness benefits
  • GP Care on Demand
  • Care First Counselling Service
  • Legal expenses insurance
  • Worldwide Family Travel insurance
  • RAC Motor Breakdown Assistance
  • Mobile Phone/Gadget Insurance

Cover for serving officers and Special Constables

As of 1 May 2022, Group Insurance membership costs £25.59 (lunar monthly i.e. every four weeks) for serving officers and £27.72 (calendar monthly) for Special Constables. Federation subs remain the same at £18.50 every four weeks.

Please remember, the Group Insurance scheme is optional. Should you wish to opt out you must contact the Federation office to confirm this. Before you do so, we advise you source alternative cover appropriate to your personal circumstances, for your own peace of mind.

Cover for Partners

Cover is available for partners at £9.36 (lunar monthly). The partner scheme provides £65,000 Life Assurance and £5000 of Critical Illness Cover. It also includes RAC Motor Breakdown, Mobile Phone/Gadget insurance together with Personal Accident lump sum and weekly benefits. Full details of partner cover can be found in the summary of cover brochure (above).

Cover for Retired Officers

Group insurance cover is available once you retire BUT you must fill out the retired officer application form BEFORE your retirement date. Under the terms of the policy there can be no gap in your cover. If you complete the application form late you will need to provide a doctor's note stating your health hasn't changed since you retired and will have to pay George Burrows for the months missed.

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