Pay award update


On 13 July, it was announced that police pay for 2023/24 will increase by 7% across all ranks. This will appear on your pay slips from September 2023.

While this increase will offer a little financial relief in the short term, we all know police pay is falling far short of the cost of living. Officers are having to make incredibly difficult decisions. We know of members who are using food banks and leaning on family members for financial support. We have spoken to others who are weighing up the cost of being a police officer, physically, mentally and now, financially.

This is why we called on the Force and BTP Authority to do more to support officers.

Colleagues in the Metropolitan and City of London forces will receive an extra £1000 over and above the recently ratified pay increase. We know that our officers in Scotland officers have long been calling for an allowance to provide parity with Police Scotland colleagues.

It is therefore bitterly disappointing to learn that BTP will not be following suit. We and the Superintendents' Association have formerly asked them to think again.

These are unprecedented times. Food costs, rent and mortgage rates, and fuel costs are all sky-high and officers in some areas are again at a financial disadvantage compared to those they work alongside from other forces.

We can't afford to lose good people to better-paid jobs elsewhere. Our concern is this will be the final straw for some of our colleagues.

Stuart Cowan
Chair of BTP Federation