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Protect the Protectors is a campaign which seeks to safeguard the physical and mental wellbeing of police officers. One of the main aims is to achieve tougher sentences for those who assault officers and other emergency service workers.

Assaults against police officers are on the increase. Across England and Wales, there were 30,679 assaults against officers recorded in 2019/20. This figure includes 795 assaults against BTP officers; of those 196 resulted in an injury.

As well as seeking a change in legislation and tougher sentencing for offenders, we have joined with PFEW and the Prison Officers' Association to campaign for: better training and access to equipment; more accurate data on police assaults; improved welfare support.


September 2020 - Following consultation, the Home Secretary Priti Patel announced the maximum penalty in the case of assaults against emergency workers would be increased to two years.

July 2020 - The Government launched a consultation on further increasing the maximum sentence for those who assault emergency service workers.

November 2018 - A new law came into effect which doubled the maximum sentence for assaults against police officers and other emergency service workers from six to 12 months.