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BTP Wellbeing and Support Survey

10 September, 2019

British Transport
Police Federation
September 10, 2019

BTP Wellbeing and Support Survey

There's no doubt policing is challenging, and officers regularly face situations that are dangerous and distressing. This means effective welfare support is crucial.

As reported in the last edition of the Chairman's Blog, BTP is bringing together the expertise of internal colleagues and external advisors to consider any gaps that exist in the current programme of support. The force has also launched a new Employee Wellbeing and Support Survey.

DCC Adrian Hanstock has shared a message with officers and staff explaining why it's so important that we all participate in the survey. He said: "We know that our officers are sometimes injured when they are bravely intervening in dangerous situations to protect the public. I saw this all too clearly in body-worn camera footage I watched yesterday showing an incident where an officer had his nose broken by a violent man who was resisting arrest. I strongly believe that having the right debriefing and wellbeing support in place following such incidents is essential to reassure ourselves we have done everything we can to look after those involved - 'there and then' - and also ensure we quickly identify anyone who might need a bit of extra support.

"That's why I have been leading a cross-portfolio group to look at how we deal with trauma in BTP - and whether it is as effective as we think it is - bringing together the expertise of colleagues in the Chief Officer Group, the Federation and other professionals both inside and outside the Force. In particular, we want to understand and address straightaway any failings or gaps where colleagues might feel that they haven't had the support they need."

Alongside the 'fast time' feedback from this survey, DCC Hanstock will consider the outcome of a review of BTP's wellbeing and psychological trauma support services, which begins shortly. A prominent clinical expert will be asked to undertake independent evaluation of the trauma support provisions BTP currently offers and recommend any preventive measures that can be put in place to build employee resilience to workplace stresses, and what else BTP can do to can identify those most at psychological risk so effective support can be provided.

In the meantime, there is a wide range of services available to BTP colleagues. We recently put some of your questions about TRiM to Rachael Etebar, Director of People and Culture, and the TRiM link on the front page of the intranet provides a quick way of exploring what might work for you. If you're in any doubt, talk to someone - a trusted friend or supervisor, the Federation or Unions, colleagues in the staff support associations or call the BTP Assist number on 0800 328 9972 (free 24 hours a day).

DCC Hanstock added: "We know policing can be tough - but we also know we can't help you tackle the impact if we don't know you are suffering. There is absolutely no stigma in speaking up and asking for help if you need it."

"A final point I'd like to make is that it's important that you remember to book on and off duty. We need to know when officers have been on duty so we can check to see who has been to an incident (or multiple incidents) and include them in any de-brief or analysis of the situation."

"Once again, I strongly encourage anyone who feels they need support to ask for it without hesitation - and please continue tell us when we're not getting things right. We are committed to making every effort to give you carefully considered and effective help when it's most needed."

The Federation fully supports the Employee Wellbeing and Support Survey. The link to the questions can be found on the intranet and we urge you to take a few minutes to add your views. Thank you.