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Welfare fund boosted by donation

21 April, 2020

British Transport
Police Federation
April 21, 2020

Welfare fund boosted by donation

The British Transport Police Federation Welfare Fund has today received a boost of £4000.

In a message to officers, BTP's Chief Constable Paul Crowther said: "Through our affiliation with The Drapers' Company and their continuing support of BTP, I have been able to make £4000 available to the BTP Federation to provide some modest support during times of hardship."

The BTP Federation Welfare Fund was set up to help officers who are facing adversity or experiencing financial difficulties. Officers can apply for a grant (that does not have to be paid back) or an interest-free loan.

The Fund can also provide flowers to sick, injured or hospitalised colleagues and make donations to police charities.

General Secretary, Mark Marshallsay said: "The Welfare Fund helps colleagues to get through extremely difficult times in their lives. Generous donations like this one ensure the Fund remains in a strong position to support officers when they need it most."

Officers seeking financial support from the Welfare Fund are asked to complete an application form so their request can be considered by the Welfare Committee. Each case is considered on its merits but please note, the Welfare Fund cannot provide loans or grants for use in paying off other debt/loans.

You can download the Welfare Fund application form here. Should you need help to complete it or wish to speak to someone about your circumstances you can find your local welfare rep here.