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Use transport police integration pause 'wisely' and consider a commissioned service, says Chairman

14 March, 2018

British Transport
Police Federation
March 14, 2018

Use transport police integration pause 'wisely' and consider a commissioned service, says Chairman

The Chairman of the British Transport Police Federation has called upon the Scottish Government and Joint Programme Board to consider different options for the delivery of transport policing in Scotland.

In his speech at the BTP Federation's annual conference in Manchester today, Nigel Goodband said:

"There has been no proper assessment of the benefits of integration, there has been no risk assessment, no one knows the total cost, and no one knows who is going to pay for it. The officers and staff affected have been left in the dark with no idea how their future careers will progress or what their retirement will look like.

"Other than the political will of a select few within the Scottish National Party, no one truly understands why anyone would want to break up a very successful national police force."

He continued:

"The Scottish Government has repeatedly stated its three aims for integration as accountability, access to specialism, and seamless command and control. All of which can be achieved within a commissioned service model, we don't have to rob Peter to pay Paul.

"As we see it, such a model would strengthen accountability, improve access to Police Scotland resources and retain the specialist skills of BTP officers without any of the operational or financial risks. It would also remove the issue of pensions liabilities, training costs and the challenges of terms and conditions.

"It seems only logical, now that integration has been paused, to revisit this option and give it due consideration.

"Today I am saying we need to use this planned pause wisely. Let's have a proper risk assessment; let's revisit previously disregarded options; let's have a proper benefit and cost analysis.

"Devolution can be achieved and if you are serious about listening and engaging then you should listen to what we propose, because it is the common-sense solution."