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Tri-force commendation ceremony

4 December, 2017

British Transport
Police Federation
December 4, 2017

Tri-force commendation ceremony

Our members are amongst those taking part in a special ceremony today which recognises the bravery of Londoners.

Around 200 people will receive awards at the event which celebrates the work of the three forces who serve London, with British Transport Police, City of London Police and the Metropolitan Police Service recognising the efforts of officers, staff and members of the public during the incidents at Westminster, Finsbury Park and London Bridge.

Chair of British Transport Police Federation, Nigel Goodband, said: "I would personally like to thank everyone who is being recognised today but I would like to offer particular thanks to the officers of BTP, my colleagues.

"I thank you for your continued sense of duty and your courageous responses to some very demanding and testing situations.

"So many acts of courageousness and some excellent work go unreported and largely unrecognised by many. Today's ceremony acknowledges and recognise your acts of valour and your unwavering commitment to delivering an excellent service to all in London and to the infrastructure we police."

"The police are ordinary human beings doing an extraordinary, difficult, and often thankless yet rewarding job. It's a job many wouldn't and couldn't do.

"You and your colleagues should be immensely proud. Your families and friends are proud, the public and community you serve are proud and we the BTP Federation are proud of you all. Thank you."

Further information on the event, including comments from the Chief Constable of British Transport Police Federation, Paul Crowther, can be found here.