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Trauma survey and new guide for officers

31 Oct, 2018

British Transport
Police Federation
Oct 31, 2018

Trauma survey and new guide for officers

A police charity is asking you to share your experience of dealing with traumatic incidents at work.

The Job & The Life is the UK's first force-wide policing survey to assess trauma management and working conditions. Funded by the Police Care UK it is being delivered by the University of Cambridge as part of the Trauma Resilience in UK Policing project.

The survey is confidential and independent of the police service. It invites an honest look at how trauma exposure is managed and how working conditions shape the policing experience in the current climate. It will address key issues emerging from recent research and provide more clarity on what support is needed, possible and helpful for operational officers and staff.

You can find out more and complete the survey here.

If an incident - or a series of incidents - has left you feeling like you could do with support, there is help available. Following the terrorist attack in Manchester Fed Rep Cath Daley compiled this information which you may find useful.

Additionally, the Police Care UK has just launched a new guide outlining tips on how to better support yourself after a traumatic incident. Compiled in partnership with PFEW and Oscar Kilo, you can access the guide here.