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Support for colleagues following the Manchester attack

23 May, 2017

British Transport
Police Federation
May 23, 2017

Support for colleagues following the Manchester attack

We are all shocked and saddened by events in Manchester last night. These are the sorts of incidents we train for but hope we will never experience.

The very nature of our work means that there are occasions when we will be exposed to traumatic events and these can have a lasting effect. Our ability to cope and the ways in which we react will be different for each of us.

We are working with the force to ensure all officers affected by the incident last night in Manchester receive support. The confidential TRiM (Trauma Risk Management) process is an important first step in identifying those of us who may need additional welfare support and signposting to appropriate help.

If you are dealing with issues relating to or prompted by recent events there are trained colleagues and Federation Reps you can speak to in complete confidence.

A circular has been issued this morning which sets out how to access TRiM support and Care First's confidential telephone counselling service.

From the Federation side, Dom Wilcox is the single point of contact. He is based in Liverpool CID.