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National Day for Staff Networks

12 May, 2020

British Transport
Police Federation
May 12, 2020

National Day for Staff Networks

Wednesday 13 May is the National Day for Staff Networks. The awareness day aims to celebrate the contribution of networks and resource groups and this year's theme is 'Adding Value'.

Staff networks offer support to employees and provide challenge to their employer; the goal is to make work better for everyone.

We are proud to work closely with the network within BTP and fully support the Employee Support Associations' pledge:

Chair of BTP Federation Nigel Goodband said: "The Federation recognises and is grateful for the diverse experience and knowledge of the Employee Support Associations.

"We work closely with the ESAs because we're very clear that we are stronger together. Our collective voice can and does make a difference to our colleagues."

From today you will see the newly updated Employee Support Poster on display at stations and offices across the force area. The poster summarises the role of each group and provides contact details.