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'Significant issues' of integration raised with Justice Committee

23 January, 2018

British Transport
Police Federation
January 23, 2018

'Significant issues' of integration raised with Justice Committee

The Scottish Justice Committee today heard evidence on Policing in Scotland from DCC Designate Iain Livingstone QPM from Police Scotland and Professor Susan Deacon CBE, Chair of the Scottish Police Authority (you can watch it again here).

During the meeting, DCC Livingstone highlighted 'significant issues' around the integration of BTP into Police Scotland which won't be resolved by merger date of 1 April next year.

Reacting to the evidence session BTP Federation Chair, Nigel Goodband, said:

We welcome the continued review of the process by the Justice Committee, which was always a promise of the Convener, Margaret Mitchell.

The Scottish Police Authority has acknowledged the complexities and risk of integration, and this has been reinforced by DCC Livingstone in his evidence to the Justice Committee today. We urge the Scottish Government to revisit the original options regarding the devolved matter of railway policing in Scotland. Now it is clear that full integration cannot be achieved by April 2019, it is our suggestion that the process is suspended until such time as there is a full and robust plan, detailed analysis of cost and a full and complete understanding of the terms and conditions of our members.

There is simply no quick fix, nor should we ignore the comments of the SPA, because if integration continues on the path of April 2019 this will result in a cliff-edge scenario which benefits no-one, including the travelling public, the rail companies or indeed our members.

The continued uncertainty is not fair on our officers and decisions must be taken so they can be sure what the future holds for them.