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Charity opens doors to Police Staff Investigators

16 December, 2021

British Transport
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December 16, 2021

Charity opens doors to Police Staff Investigators

Police Staff Investigators (including CSIs and Civilian Investigators) are now eligible to join the Police Treatment Centres.

These new groups can sign up to the charity at the usual serving officer rate of £7.80 per month and can do this via the online direct debit system here: Sign Up CSI (thepolicetreatmentcentres.org

During January and February 2022, the charity is holding an Amnesty for Police Staff Investigators so any who sign up during this time can access treatment without the usual 12-month wait. From March, the usual non-donor eligibility policy will apply.

The Police Treatment Centres provides officers and staff with treatment following an illness or injury, with the aim of assisting their return to better health. Almost 4000 people attend the Treatment Centres each year and most receive intensive physiotherapy. Others seek support with stress-related conditions or anxiety and depression as part of the charity's Psychological Wellbeing Programme.

Please be aware that all applications are subject to the Police Treatment Centre's clinical criteria and eligibility policy, which means that the charity must believe it is able to deliver some clinical benefit to officers and staff during their stay.