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20 December, 2017

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December 20, 2017

Police charity extends support for families

St George's Police Children Trust is extending the support it provides to the families of police officers who have lost their lives of become incapacitated.

A recent survey enabled current beneficiaries of the Trust to give feedback on what they saw as gaps in the support provided as well as to share ideas about additional help that could be offered

The following changes will be introduced from next month (January 2018):

Widened Eligibility

The eligibility will be widened to include children of police families where the partner of a police officer has lost their life. The Trustees understand that the death of a partners affects income received by the family and therefore impacts the children, and therefore support should be offered in this instance.

New Beneficiary Grant

The Registration Grant, renamed as the New Beneficiary Grant, will be increased from £100 to £1000 to provide more immediate financial relief.

Driving Lessons Grant

A new Driving Lesson Grant will be made available to beneficiaries from the age of 17 up to 25, to help with the cost of learning to drive. The support is capped at £1000 per child.

Child Counselling Grant

A new Child Counselling Grant will offer financial support to all beneficiaries who wish to access counselling to support a child or family through a bereavement or difficult time. This support can be accessed at any time, up to the age of 25, and not only immediately after the specific event.

For St George's Police Children Trust to offer this extra provision, the weekly donation rate will increase from January 2018. This will enable the charity to be financially viable over the next few years and allow the Trust to improve the support and service to the wider Police Family.

The weekly donation rate will increase from 20p to 35p. This equates to £1.50 per month, or £1.40 per four weeks.