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Pensions Update

30 November, 2018

British Transport
Police Federation
November 30, 2018

Pensions Update

In this month's blog we explained that we're receiving reports from officers regarding BRASS contributions. We have received an update from Kerry McCafferty, BTP's Head of People and Development that HR staff met with RPMI yesterday (29 November) to discuss this matter:

There have been some reconciliation problems, which have delayed investment of BRASS contributions since July.

Both sides are fully committed to getting the discrepancies resolved and it is anticipated the correct reconciliation and investment of all outstanding monies will be completed by 14th December 2018.

Please be assured the funds that have been deducted from pay are securely held by RPMI in the Trustee bank account, and upon investment there will be no losses incurred for employees due to the delay.

After the investment has been completed, employees will be able to access up to date information on their BRASS position through the website at www.btppensions.co.uk

To ensure this does not occur again we have instigated a monthly catch up between RPMI and BTP's Payroll Manager to ensure any reconciliation difficulties are dealt with more promptly.

We all apologise for the delays and any concerns caused by this situation and payroll will update people who have been affected directly.

Thanks to those of you who took the time to contact us about this.