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Pension Faqs

4 January, 2022

British Transport
Police Federation
January 4, 2022

Pension Faqs

Saving for retirement is long-term commitment and most of us will experience a number of life events during our working lives. These events can include having children, falling ill, being away from work for an extended period of unpaid leave, to name a few.

All of these events can pose a challenge to us and raise a number of questions regarding our pension and if it will be affected.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding potential issues that can arise from life events:

Q. Will my pension scheme membership continue whilst I am on unpaid leave?
Yes, your scheme membership will be continuous.

Q. Will my contributions change while I'm off?
Your contributions are calculated as a percentage of pensionable pay. If you start to receive statutory pay or nil pay your employer contributions will continue as normal, but your contributions will cease.

Q. What will happen to my BRASS and AVC extra contributions?
Your BRASS and AVC extra contributions will continue whilst you are receiving enough pay, but you can stop these contributions if you wish.

Q. Will my pension benefits be affected?
Your membership will continue as normal.

Q. How will arrears for my pension be paid?
Once you return to work deductions will be taken to make up your pension contributions, in addition to your normal pension contributions at a rate of 50% of your normal contribution rate.

Q. What will happen if I don't return to work?
If you do not return to work, you will treated as if you have left the pension scheme and become a preserved member. You must then repay BTP your employer contributions, BTP can request RPMI recover the contributions from your pension benefits.

If you have any further questions about these or other matters relating to your pension, please contact the pensions manager Emma Norman via Pension-Queries@btp.police.uk.