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Confirmation of pay award

10 Sept, 2020

British Transport
Police Federation
Sept 10, 2020

Confirmation of pay award

We are pleased by the news that the BTP Authority has accepted this year's pay award recommendations.

BTP officers do not automatically receive the increases awarded to Home Office forces. However, we believe our colleagues - in line with the recommendation of the Wright report - should always receive parity with Home Office colleagues.

It is pleasing to note that the Authority has paid recognition to the dedication to duty shown by BTP Officers during the national pandemic. It should be noted that our colleagues have been consistent throughout this crisis in providing a fantastic level of service to Britain's infrastructure, supporting attempts to help keyworkers and others return to some form of normality.

Our officers have been on the frontline, 24/7, dealing with a vast range of issues from public order, fatalities, county lines crimes and sadly, two derailments. At a time when many have been able to work from the safety of their homes, our officers have been front-facing, protecting and serving society while putting their own safety and concerns to one side.

We totally understand the financial pressures on all, including BTP, during this global pandemic but we believe this increase is well deserved and therefore welcome the decision.

The pay increase as follows is effective from 1 September and will be reflected in officers' pay on 25 September:
  • 2.5% increase to basic pay across all officer ranks
  • 2.5% increase to Dog Handlers Allowance
  • 2.5% increase to London Weighting
  • Sergeant lowest Scale Point has been removed to create a bigger gap between the Constable and Sergeant pay scales (BTP Scale Point 8). Newly promoted Sergeants will start on scale point 9 and existing Sergeants on scale point 8 will move to scale point 9 from the effective date.

Please note the £1000 for London officers has yet to be agreed. We're following this up and will report back.