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Nominate a colleague for an Award of Excellence

19 Sept, 2019

British Transport
Police Federation
Sept 19, 2019

Nominate a colleague for an Award of Excellence

Nominations are now open for the British Transport Police Federation Awards of Excellence.

BTP officers work hard to keep the travelling public safe across the rail network. Week in, week out we hear tales of bravery, dedication and an outstanding commitment to policing.Some of the work done by our members makes the news headlines, but many cases don't. So often officers just get on with the job - saving lives, detecting crime and achieving justice for victims.

Who do you think deserves recognition?

In the past we have presented awards to:
  • An officer who, while off duty in the company of his family, saved a man's life
  • A detective who investigated a series of offences resulting in a long prison sentence
  • Astudent officer who gave lifesaving first aid to a person who had collapsed at a train station
For more inspiration take a look at the Awards of Excellence videos on our Facebook page.

If you work with an individual or team you feel deserves an award, please nominate them for a BTP Federation Award of Excellence. The ceremony will take place next March at our annual conference in Cardiff.

The closing date for nominations is Friday 18 October 2019 - download a nomination form here.