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Federation shares new logo

28 September, 2021

British Transport
Police Federation
September 28, 2021

Federation shares new logo

At its annual conference in York, BTP Federation shared its new logo based on a design created by General Secretary, Mark Marshallsay.

The Federation had previously had its own identity, but in recent decades the organisation had adopted a version of the Force's crest.

The new logo incorporates the emblems of Scotland, England and Wales and well as a visual depiction of the rail network. In a nod to the history of BTP, the image includes elements relating to canals and waterways.

Mark Marshallsay said: "As we approached our 100th anniversary we wanted a logo that better reflected our members - where they work and what they do - and put them at the heart of what the Federation does. The Latin phrase means 'our members are our priority'.

"It was fitting to launch this new logo in our centenary year as we reflect on the past and look ahead to the future."