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New confidential reporting system for H&S concerns

22 August, 2018

British Transport
Police Federation
august 22, 2018

New confidential reporting system for H&S concerns

We all have a responsibility to be aware of our working environment and to report potential hazards, faulty equipment and any 'accidents waiting to happen'.

BTP has well-established procedures for reporting Health and Safety issues and most of the time this will be the best way for you to tell the force what's concerning you.

But what if you want to report something and you are worried about how your manager or colleagues might react? Or the issue makes you feel awkward or embarrassed? Or you're working at a railway station and your concern is about a site or property belonging to Network Rail or a train operator and you don't have access to their reporting channels?

Now, there is a new way for you to report health and safety concerns in complete confidence.

BTP has signed up to CIRAS, a confidential reporting line which has its roots in the rail industry and is used by all the main train operating companies and other transport providers too.

CIRAS operates independently of BTP but is an important addition to the health and safety processes that we have within the Force.

Andy Knight, BTP Health and Safety Manager, said: "Officers and staff are the eyes and ears of our health and safety management process and CIRAS is an additional way for you to report any concerns in complete confidence.

"Because it is independent, CIRAS will provide us with valuable intelligence about matters which might otherwise go unreported, providing us with a 'safety net' to capture issues that need to be addressed."

He added: "One of the best things about CIRAS is that you can report health and safety concerns about other companies, not just BTP, and that learning is then shared among all CIRAS members so everyone benefits."

Senior BTP officers and Heads of Department have already been briefed about CIRAS, which is also supported by the BTP Federation. CIRAS posters and leaflets will be on display at various locations throughout the force.

How does CIRAS work?

You can contact CIRAS directly (see details below) and they will talk through your concern with you. You do not need to give any personal details if you wish to remain anonymous.

CIRAS will write a report - minus any information that could identify you - and send it to BTP (or relevant organisation) for action.

CIRAS doesn't investigate or make recommendations - it just brings the concern to light so that they can be checked out and CIRAS will share feedback/actions taken with you.

What can I report to CIRAS?

CIRAS will take reports on any health and safety concern. For example:

  • Training and competence
  • Unsafe working practices
  • Equipment
  • Work environment
  • Fatigue
  • Shift/roster design
  • Welfare facilities
  • Rules & procedures

CIRAS does not deal with grievances or HR complaints or individual drug and alcohol issues. If in doubt, just get in touch. If it's something they can't help you with, they will advise you on how to deal with it.

Contact CIRAS
Telephone: 0800 4 101 101
Report online at www.ciras.org.uk
Text: 07507 285887
Write to: Freepost CIRAS

This information is also available on the Health and Safety intranet pages.