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Federation welcomes new reps from across the force

19 July, 2019

British Transport
Police Federation
July 19, 2019

Federation welcomes new reps from across the force

From offering a quick bit of advice on terms and conditions to providing representation at a misconduct hearing, the role of a Fed rep is both varied and valuable.

Seven new reps have joined more than thirty others across the Force area who volunteer their time to support colleagues. Our reps hold a variety of roles from firearms to CID so know the pressures of the job and the challenges officers can face.

They can help colleagues with factual information on issues like pay, pensions and grievances as well as offering moral support and advice to those going through a difficult time at work.

The group of new reps recently undertook their initial training at the Federation office in West Dulwich. Across two days they received inputs on matters including police regulations, legal assistance, the group insurance package and the ill-health procedure.

Given that the role is voluntary, what prompts officers to sign up to become a Fed Rep? We spoke to several of the group during their training.

Carol Peters told us she had seen changes in the Federation which had encouraged her to put herself forward: "My experience of the Federation has been a positive and passionate chair, wanting to change the culture and transparency. As a rep I want to assist and reassure officers through difficult times and ensure the Force follows the correct process and procedures."

Both Steve Forrest and Jamie Baker said they felt the time was right for them. "With fifteen years' service I wanted to give something back to my colleagues," said Steve. "With BTP having an inexperienced workforce it's important to have a knowledgeable and trustworthy Fed rep who can advise and assist when offices find themselves in need of help." Jamie added: Having been a police officer for over 11 years I've had three or four experiences with PSD so want to help my fellow officers by giving advice and support."

JP O'Kane from D Division explained he had previously considered applying but didn't think he had enough 'job' experience. He said: "I'm now a bit older, and potentially wiser - although that might be up for debate. I just want to help my colleagues and ensure they are treated fairly and equally."

As with most roles in the police - in any job - there are frustrations, but it can be extremely rewarding to advise and represent colleagues. We asked the group what they wanted to achieve by volunteering.

Everyone agreed with Steve Forrest who said: "I hope to promote the Federation in a positive manner so officers will have the confidence to come forward." Dean Percival added that he was keen to improve the perception of the Federation: "In the past some reps have lacked passion and commitment."

Passion and commitment are two of the most important qualities we seek in our reps. Policing is challenging at the best of times and when you're looking for advice or support from a colleague it's important you can turn to someone you can count on.

A big thank you to all our reps for their time and enthusiasm for a role which they do alongside demanding day jobs, and best of luck to our newest volunteers. Should you be looking for help from the Federation there is a full list of reps on the website.