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12 Apr, 2021

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Apr 12, 2021

Association of Muslim Police blog

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan begins today, Monday 12 April. This means many of our Muslim colleagues will be celebrating, fasting, and taking part in other activities associated with the month.

Ahead of Ramadan, we spoke to Ahsan Ajaz (pictured), the deputy chair of the Association of Muslim Police (AMP) in BTP to find out more about the group's work and the support it offers.

The National Association of Muslim Police (NAMP) was founded in 2007, which prompted the formation of several local associations, including AMP at BTP.

AMP is an internal staff support group, welfare service and advisory group for all officers, staff and volunteers within British Transport Police. As well as providing support to Muslim employees and promoting greater awareness of Islamic issues across the Force, AMP aims to guide and influence Force strategy and procedures and offer support on external matters.

AMP, which relaunched in January 2020, is led by an experienced Executive Committee whose members come from a wide range of backgrounds, ranks and roles. The Association is co-chaired by Mohammed Mahmood and Katherine Chowdry who are supported by Ahsan Ajaz and Sabihah Qureshi.

The Executive Committee is support by Divisional Representatives: Mamoona Mughal, Rizwan Mirza, Mohtasim Pal, Mian Ikram, and Ijaz Ahmed.

Ahsan is a Contact Handler based in Birmingham and has been involved with AMP for the last five years. He told us: "The main reason I wanted to get involved was to make a difference and be a representative of a diversity group that needed change and supported individuals that believed they were not being represented."

"Since re-launching at the start of 2020, we have created a new strategy and now have a quarterly newsletter. AMP also got involved with Talent Discovery, which supports and helps members to unlock their potential.

Explaining the group's work, Ahsan said: "AMP helps colleagues believe that there are opportunities at BTP, and we support on welfare. If any queries come in that need to be answered then an AMP member will follow that up. We support BTP with guidance through the year, providing subject matter expertise and advice to the organisation on some very challenging situations."

If you would like to speak to the Association of Muslim Police you can get in touch by email amp@btp.police.uk or speak to one of the divisional reps.

AMP is one of ten Employee Support Associations in BTP. The groups have the collective aim of making work better for everyone. Find out more about the Employee Support Associations here.