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Chief Superintendent Dennis Murray

16 Feb, 2021

British Transport
Police Federation
Feb 16, 2021

Chief Superintendent Dennis Murray

Have you taken part in Ethical Dilemma training? Perhaps you have been helped by one of the employee support associations? Maybe you've been reading up on the Aspire, Ascend and Accelerate programmes?

These are all aspects of BTP's work to improve diversity and inclusion, but we know from recent conversations that some of you have questions about this work. You have told us you are keen to know more about the Force's strategy (including why the focus is on race as opposed to, for example, gender or disability) how you can better support your colleagues/teams, and what a more diverse police service actually looks like.

Next month, we will put your questions about diversity and inclusion to the recently-appointed Lead for Trust, Legitimacy and Community Policing, Chief Superintendent Dennis Murray and Barry Boffy, BTP's Head of Diversity and Inclusion.

The session, on 19 March, will be recorded and shared so you can watch it at a time convenient to you. If you prefer reading to watching videos, a transcript will also be created.

While Barry Boffy is a familiar face to many, Ch Supt Murray is new to the Force. Ahead of the Q&A we caught up with him to find out more about his role and his career to date.

Who is Dennis Murray?

Ch Supt Dennis Murray joined BTP in November on a three-year secondment from Northamptonshire Police where he was a Superintendent and Local Policing Area Commander. Dennis joined Northants Police in 1992 as a Special Constable, and has worked across many areas including crime, intelligence, and community safety. He was the Force's lead on stop and search powers and used his experience of working with minority groups to change the way officers use their powers and engage with the community. In 2004, he became a Hate Crimes Officer, winning the David Ryan Memorial Cup for his engagement work with Muslim communities across Northamptonshire.

What does his role in BTP entail?

As the Force's Lead for Trust, Legitimacy and Community Policing, Ch Supt Murray's role is to deliver BTP's race action plan, 'Moving the Needle'. As the Force's Race Champion, he will review the development, progression, and retention of ethnic minority employees, assess and develop structures and processes in relation to community engagement and scrutiny, and review the powers used by BTP officers.

While the initial focus of BTP's strategy is race, Mr Murray is keen to explain the impact this will have on all aspects of diversity and inclusion. He told us:

"All the research demonstrates when people with differing cultures, perspectives and ideas engage in healthy, robust debate, their ability to innovate, challenge the status quo and develop the organisation improves.

"Embracing an inclusive workforce is essential to fulfil our desire for BTP to be an attractive ethical employer."

Moving the Needle will see BTP sign up to Business in the Community's Race at Work Charter, update its recruitment and promotion strategies, diversify its leadership and set up mentoring schemes, amongst other activities.

About the Q&A session

We know some of you feel wary of discussing diversity and inclusion but it is crucial we have a culture where conversation and learning are encouraged. Next month, our Chair, Nigel Goodband will put your questions to Ch Supt Murray and Barry Boffy.

We hope the session will help us all to understand the roles, the aims and objectives of the strategy, and build trust.

BTP Federation's Chair, Nigel Goodband said: "This is not a gimmick or a tick-box exercise - it's also not an opportunity to send in ridiculous questions. It's a genuine chance for us all to gain a better understanding and to be provided with facts rather rumour and speculation."

Questions should be emailed to info@btpfed.co.uk by Friday 5 March. Use Q&A Session as the title of the email, so we don't miss your message. We will select questions that cover a broad range of queries and concerns and will get through as many as we can during the recording.