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Message to our officers in Manchester

23 May, 2017

British Transport
Police Federation
May 23, 2017

Message to our officers in Manchester

We all looked on in shock and despair as the events in Manchester unfolded last night. This is a very difficult and traumatic time for many people and our thoughts and prayers are with the families who have lost loved ones in this callous attack. We hope those who have been injured make a full and speedy recovery.

As police officers, we train for such eventualities but hope we never have to put that training into action. he reality of policing is that there are times when we're exposed to the very worst incidents we can imagine. And at these times we witness exceptional resilience and steadfast determination; officers running towards danger and putting others first.

I have been involved in various discussions today and what has been said in forums across the force, GMP and the wider emergency services just reinforces my pride in you, our colleagues. We have seen outstanding levels of professionalism and practical direction at all levels. Thank you for your continued efforts.

The Force recognises that many of you have worked throughout the night and extremely long hours today. Your professional commitment to staying involved from start to finish is commendable and understandable but we would all ask that you please do recognise your own capacity and ensure that you arrange suitable continuity arrangements with your colleagues and buddies.

Your professional response has provided reassurance to not only to the public but to DFT, industry stakeholders, national CT and GMP colleagues as well as wider government. You should all be very proud of your efforts.

All of us in the Federation wish you a safe return to your families at the end of your shift and again, want to say a very big thank you to you.

Kind Regards

National Chairman.