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Lottery support for BTP Lokomotiv FC

27 July, 2020

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July 27, 2020

Lottery support for BTP Lokomotiv FC

BTP Lokomotiv FC, based in London, has received a donation from the Federation Lottery.

Each month, half the income from the lottery is distributed as prize money while the other half is made available to sports clubs, community groups charities and good causes. These non-profit organisations are nominated to receive grants by the serving and retired officers who play lottery.

The £405 grant for the team will enable them to take part in a tournament organised as part of the new Emergency Services Football League.

The team grew from the regular kickabouts organised by Richard Bonner. Prior to the pandemic, players would meet up to relax after a tough shift:

"It's really big for morale to have a bit of a laugh, inter-team games and fun rivalry. We have included everyone in our team, even people who haven't played before, and all levels mingle.

"Before this all happened, we would meet up once a fortnight after early turn and have a kickabout to take the edge off."

It was at one of these kickabouts that the team heard about a new Emergency Services League that was being set up.

Richard entered BTP Lokomotiv FC in the tournament which will take place as soon as government restrictions allow. He then applied to the Federation Lottery for a grant to help with the cost of kit, hiring pitches and the entry fee for the tournament.

The team is one of several in BTP that play in tournaments throughout the year. Richard and his teammates are trying to set up bespoke charity games to raise money for good causes.

Money raised from fines and suspensions will go into a pot and the winning team will be able to donate to organisations of their choice. One of the first charities they are keen to help is Facial Palsy UK, in support of a colleague who experienced the condition.

"Everyone's looking forward to it," said Richard. "It's nice to have something to look forward to once this is all over."

Until then, you can follow the progress of BTP Lokomotiv FC via their Twitter account.

Did you know... There is a clear correlation between high levels of physical activity and positive emotional wellbeing. Those achieving national guidelines for minimum standards of physical activity were 28% more likely to have very high levels of life satisfaction. [Source: ESFL]