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Important information on the BTP Expenses Policy

16 May, 2017

British Transport
Police Federation
May 16, 2017

Important information on the BTP Expenses Policy

British Transport Police Federation has serious concerns following the publication of guidance notes on Overnight Expenses and Fuel Allowance. The assertions made in these documents do not reflect the discussions that have taken place between the Federation and the Force.

Less than a month ago, at the National Negotiating Meeting held on 25 April we were informed:

  1. Officers working OP NOVELLA at EURO 2016 would receive the outstanding overnight allowance claims in the May pay run

  2. Future guidance on claims and structures for operational orders incorporating overnight allowance would be sent to the Federation for discussion

  3. The final position on outstanding claims from 2015 to the present day would be agreed

  4. The fuel expenses policy would be reviewed and brought forward for further discussion.

No update has been given on outstanding expenses and fuel claims, and no further discussion took place prior to the circulation of these documents.

The role of the Federation is to represent the interests of our members in matters including their welfare and conditions of service. We seek to be reasonable and fair in our dealings and transparent in our decision making. We expect those we are negotiating with to conduct themselves in the same manner.

Let us be very clear: this Federation has NOT agreed to the guidance that has been issued on the Expenses and Allowance Portal and we are challenging the decisions taken by the Force.