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New General Secretary elected

31 March, 2020

British Transport
Police Federation
March 31, 2020

New General Secretary elected

Mark Marshallsay has been elected as the new General Secretary of British Transport Police Federation. He takes over from Darren Townsend, who served 5 years in the role.

Following the postponement of the Federation's annual conference and awards due to the impact of the Covid-19 virus, the decision was taken to hold the election online.

Mark, formerly the Federation's Assistant General Secretary/Treasurer said: "I am delighted my colleagues have faith in me to support our members and improve conditions for them.

"I feel very strongly about tackling emotive subjects such as rosters, pay and allowances and securing a much-improved welfare and wellbeing system. Our officers are BTPs greatest asset and they work tirelessly. More needs to be done to enable them to strike a better balance between work and home life; that's what I will be working towards."

Mark joined BTP in 1992 and was stationed at Coventry as a beat officer. He remained in uniform, undertaking frontline roles in Wolverhampton and Liverpool, and he also qualified as an Officer Protection Trainer.

In 2012, Mark was elected to BTP Federation's North West Committee, as it was then. He became a Federation Friend and Welfare Rep, before being elected as the Secretary of the Pennine West Committee in 2015. The following year Mark was elected as the Federation's Assistant General Secretary/Treasurer.

An online process is now underway to elect his replacement.

Nigel Goodband, Chair of BTP Federation said: "Taking our elections online, rather than delaying until conference is rescheduled, means the Executive Team will soon be back to full strength, enabling us to both effectively represent members and progress the plans the Federation has been working on for 2020."

"I would like to thank Darren Townsend for everything he did for this Federation; the changes he introduced, his desire to support our members and his commitment to making the Federation more transparent and accountable. I enjoyed working with Darren and am looking forward to seeing what further advances we can make as an organisation."