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     Federation Circulars 2013:
     1 November Force Vetting
     30 October Pay Scales 30th October 2013 | Annex A
     24 October Scottish Area
     16 October Pay Increments
     9 October Force Vetting
     16 September Police Arbitration Tribunal
     16 July Meeting with Police Authority
     1 July Government Spending Review
     1 July BTP Link to PNB Conditions
     14 June Force Restructure
     22 May Scottish Area
     21 May Police Treatment Centres
     9 May G8 Deployment Update
     7 May Force Restructure
     15 April Uprating Pay Scales
     25 Mar Winsor Part Two
     4 Mar Industrial Rights Ballot
     6 Feb Ballot on Industrial Rights
     28 Jan Industrial Rights Ballot
     28 Jan Notice of Election
     22 Jan Winsor Part Two Further Details
     15 Jan Winsor Part Two