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Officers retires after five decades in policing

22 Mar, 2021

British Transport
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Mar 22, 2021

Officers retires after five decades in policing

After a long and distinguished career, C-Division officer Dilwyn Lewis, has packed away his pocket notebook.. but not for the last time.

Dilwyn has retired from BTP following a career which spanned five decades. Having joined the force on 19 January 1976, he began his policing career on the docks at Barry and Cardiff before transferring to Cardiff Rail in 1980, where he worked as a response officer.

In 1993, Dilwyn joined CID, where he remained until the end of his service. In total, Dilwyn clocked up 45 years and 52 days in the job. He said:

"I remember my first day like yesterday: a fresh-faced, naive, raw recruit and at least five or six stone lighter! Having gone to London to collect my brand spanking new uniform I was approached by Met DC asking me to be involved in an ID Parade. Rapid exit stage left…"

"I have had a ball, an excellent career. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time as a PC and DC with the BTP where I've witnessed, first-hand, the evolution of the Force from the heady days of being known as 'BTC ' (British Transport Commission Police) to the current professional body we are today."

Deputy Chair of BTP Federation, Debi Rouse, has known Dilwyn for 21 years. She said:

"Dilwyn is a first class detective, and he is respected by all. He is passionate about BTP and, I would say, as keen today as when I first met him. To be as enthusiastic now as when he first joined is fantastic. He is a credit to himself."

You don't clock up more than 45 years without learning a few life lessons. Asked what advice he would give to new recruits hoping to enjoy a long career in policing, Dilwyn said:

"I fully appreciate and experienced the changes in policing and society over the years; certainly, from a detective's perspective regarding technology, equipment and the way we investigate. However, some basic fundamentals remain: honesty, transparency, and integrity. Together with looking after number one, loyalty and a positive outlook because you only get out of this job what you put into it. These early lessons have boded well throughout my service but above all... enjoy!"

Dilwyn may have retired as a police officer but his BTP story will continue; this week he has returned as a Fatality Investigator. We wish him well for the years ahead.

Images: Above - A young Dilwyn Lewis, ready for service.
Decades later, DS Guy Ellis presents Dilwyn with his retirement gift.