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Connor's Transfer - Part Two

18 Oct, 2018

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Oct 18, 2018

Connor's Transfer - Part Two

Back in June we told you how Dundee officer Connor Phillips was preparing to transfer to London. He spoke to us about his reasons for moving and gave us an insight into his first few weeks in his new role.

Several months on from making the move, and after a summer during which South London felt more like Southern Spain, we caught up with Connor to find out how he's getting on.

"I have settled into my new role very well. Over the last few months I have been really busy with various operational commitments such as football, rugby and music events, as well as high profile events across London including Notting Hill Carnival, Royal Ascot and the Royal wedding.

"I am enjoying working at Clapham and I have been very lucky to have such a great team who have made my transition very easy. I would like to thank them for their support and patience during my first few months as there have been a lot of changes for me to take in, particularly different legal and operational processes.

"I have noticed a lot of differences in my workload here; the main one being the number of incidents I am exposed to. On my first day in B-Division I started at 7am and within half an hour I was on my way to the BTP custody facility to conduct a suspect interview relating to a racial public order offence.

Connor is now working at one of the busiest train stations in Britain. Clapham Junction has 17 platforms (his old station had four) and greater footfall inevitably results in more incidents and crimes.

As well as settling in to a new working environment, Connor has been busy exploring the city during what was the UK's joint hottest summer on record.

"I have really enjoyed my first summer in London; it was very hot and it felt like I was abroad! On my rest days it was like I was a tourist. I spent my days off with friends visiting local attractions such as the London Eye, Westminster and Buckingham Palace.

"There were a number of PC's that I became very close to on D-Division and who I class as lifelong friends. I do miss working with them, but I have kept in contact with them and a few of them have even visited me in London.

I also played for my old division in the BTP Virgin Football Cup recently. It was good catching up with my old colleagues despite us finishing in last place.

Reflecting on the last few months, Connor told us he found the move easier than expected, again commenting on how welcoming his new colleagues have been. There have been some challenges, such as housing. The spiralling cost of rental properties in the capital has been well-publicised and hadn't escaped Connor's notice:

"My biggest worry about my move was trying to find accommodation at a reasonable price. After doing some research I found various Key Worker schemes that make living in London an affordable reality. Once I had my accommodation secured, I could relax and focus on my new role within B Division." One of Connor's reasons for transferring was to seek out career development opportunities. Looking ahead to the next few months he hopes to further develop his skills and experience:

"I have recently applied for a Level Two Public Order course and I am hoping to undertake this in the near future. I'm also looking forward to being exposed to more football duties in B Division now the season has kicked off".

"I am really enjoying working in London and dealing with such a variety of incidents and a greater number of policing events and operations, and I am really enjoying the London life".

Our thanks to Connor for sharing his experiences. We will look forward to chatting with him again after the busy Christmas and New Year period. If you missed the first part of his story, you can read it here.