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Connor's Transfer - Part One: Making the move

25 June, 2018

British Transport
Police Federation
June 25, 2018

Being part of a national force with a range of specialisms can create opportunities for officers looking for different development opportunities.

After two years with BTP in Dundee, Connor Philips has transferred from D Division to B Division. Over the coming months we'll follow his progress as he settles into a new team and enjoys the bright lights of London town.

We caught up with Connor as he was packing the last few boxes at home and saying farewell to his colleagues in Dundee. He told us he had always had an interest in working in London but decided to make the move this year due to the because of the issues around the future of railway policing in Scotland.

"One of the main reasons I joined BTP was because of the opportunities there would be for me to work all around the UK with the same police service" he said. "I want to remain working with BTP because it is a specialist service. While the current situation in Scotland was not the main reason for my move it was definitely a catalyst. With the current uncertainty and low morale within D Division, I believed this was the best time to move."

London has always appealed to me because of the number of specialist roles and career opportunities. I'm young and ambitious and I see B Division as a great place to develop my skill set due to the vast number of policing roles available and the nature/volume of crime I will be exposed to.

Connor is now based at Clapham Junction, one of the busiest stations in Europe and the busiest in the UK for interchanges between services; more than 2000 trains pass through each day. He told us:

"Initially I did some research to see what police post would suit me best and when the advert for Clapham Junction came up I contacted the OIC for the post to get a better idea of the duties and tasks I would be expected to carry out. This conversation convinced me Clapham was the place I would like to apply for."

With his application accepted, Connor soon received a call to say he had been successful. Then reality hit; he had to find a new home, settle into a new team and learn the vagaries of the legal system in England and Wales. He told us:

"After I found out I had got the job, the first thing I did was look into accommodation. Being London, the cost of rent and distance to work were two important factors and I contacted various keyworker housing associations in the city. Eventually I secured a room within a police section house. The process for finding accommodation was fairly straight forward and easier than I expected it to be, which was a weight off my mind."

So, with his job in the bag and a place to call home, Connor had to pack up and say his goodbyes. A leaving do organised by his colleagues gave him a chance to thank his team before bidding them farewell. He said: "I was very grateful for all the people who turned up. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped me through my first couple of years in the job and for helping to make my move an easier transition."

Before Clapham Junction station was built, the area was covered by enormous lavender fields. We'll catch up with Connor a few months into his new life in London to find out if he's coming up smelling of roses.