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CIRAS: Confidential reporting for safety

12 Nov, 2018

British Transport
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Nov 12, 2018

CIRAS: Confidential reporting for safety

We are all aware of the challenges posed by an environment as unique as the rail network and BTP has procedures in place for us to report safety issues. Most of the time this will be the best way raise matters of concern.

But what if you wanted to report something and were worried about how your supervisor or colleagues might react? Or perhaps your concern is about a site or property belonging to Network Rail or a train operator and you don't have access to their reporting channels? Whatever the reason for it, an unreported issue could lead to an incident with a high price tag, both human and financial.

BTP has signed up to CIRAS, a confidential reporting line which allows you to report health and safety concerns in complete confidence. Common matters people report to CIRAS include fatigue and rostering, unsafe working practices and issues with equipment.

You can contact CIRAS directly (see details below) and they will talk through your concern with you. They will write a report - minus any information that could identify you - and send it to BTP or the relevant organisation for action. CIRAS doesn't investigate or make recommendations - it just brings the concern to light so it can be looked into.

The organisation concerned responds directly to CIRAS who then share that with you, as the person reporting the issue. If it's something they can't help you with, they will advise you on how to deal with it.

We had an input from CIRAS at our recent Management Board meeting (pictured) and fully support the service it provides - it's an important safety net.

Contact CIRAS:
Report hotline: 0800 4 101 101
Report textline: 07507 285887
Freepost CIRAS