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Centenary conference in York

22 September, 2021

British Transport
Police Federation
September 22, 2021

Centenary conference in York

British Transport Police Federation reps from across the force area are meeting in York for the organisation's annual conference. This year's event also marks BTP Federation's centenary year, the staff association having been established in 1921.

The conference marks the one occasion in the year when reps can meet to debate current policing issues. It offers a platform for reps to discuss matters affecting BTP officers, while external speakers share relevant expertise with our delegates.

The Secretary of each area committee writes an annual report and all reps have the opportunity to submit rule changes and motions for debate. These reports, rule changes and motions are compiled in a conference brochure.

Today's guest speaker is Colin Reynolds of Reynolds Dawson Solicitors. His presentation concerns the new conduct regulations and post-incident procedures, both of which are essential for our members.