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Body armour and back pain: a guide

10 July, 2017

British Transport
Police Federation
July 10, 2017

Body armour and back pain: a guide

Chronic low back pain is the major musculoskeletal cause of loss of work days in the police force* and body armour often gets the blame, but there are all sorts of factors that can cause back pain.

The physiotherapists at the Police Treatment Centres charity have created a leaflet full of advice on how to look after our bodies while wearing body armour.

Tips include not tucking your hands in the front of your body armour as the shift that causes in your centre of gravity means your body compensates, resulting in less support for your back, neck and shoulders. There are also links to downloadable exercise sheets to increase flexibility and back mobility.

Check out the PTC's Body Armour leaflet here.

*Source: Winsor 2012