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06 September, 2016

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Alt-berg boots

Alt-BergŪ have been supplying UK Police Forces and the UK MOD for over 15 years, and we make a range of CE Approved footwear for specialist and occupational use.

We are proud to carry forward a great tradition of bootmaking, and our footwear has been used in some of the harshest conditions on the planet from the tough mountain terrain of Northern Afghanistan to the Ecuadorian Jungles, from the Himalayan Mountains, to the Munroes of Scotland. We engineer our boots for performance across a wide range of conditions.

Our home factory is in Richmond, North Yorkshire and our second factory is in the Treviso region of Northern Italy. The senior Alt-BergŪ bootmaker shares his time between both factories, which use the same lasts, materials and manufacturing processes.

We offer a substantial discount to Police Federation members via www.altberg.co.uk/pf our mini site. Contact the Federation office for log-in details.

Get in touch with Alt-Berg©

Telephone: 01748 850615/824717 (Factory) or 01748 850615 (Shop)

Email: sales@altberg.co.uk

Main website: www.altberg.co.uk

Discount site: www.altberg.co.uk/pf