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July 2016

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July 2016

Guest Blog from Gill Scott-Moore, CEO of the Police Dependants Trust on the charity's Share An Hour campaign

This is an important year for the Police Care UK. We are marking 50 years of supporting the police service and police families and have much to celebrate, but of course August offers a sombre reminder of the Trust's beginnings.

On 12 August 1966, Metropolitan Police Officers Sergeant Christopher Head and Constables David Wombwell and Geoffrey Fox were on duty in West London when they stopped a vehicle close to Wormwood Scrubs prison. They discovered one of the occupants was carrying a gun and there were other weapons in the car.

As witness reports describe, the three officers lost their lives in brutal circumstances. The incident caused outrage across the UK; such was the public mood that a fund was quickly established to support the families of fallen officers: the Police Care UK. Donations flooded in.

Much has changed since 1966: the make-up of the service; the nature of the incidents officers and staff deal with; the immense pressure you are under, are all very different now. Some time ago we widened the scope of our work so as to support officers who have suffered physical and psychological injuries on duty. Over the last year we have also widened both our eligibility criteria and the circumstances in which we can help. If you're not familiar with our grants for individuals, our support for officers dealing with their own mental health issues, or the assistance towards retraining we provide for officers who have retired as a result of an injury on duty, please take a look at our quick guide to the services we offer.

So while the police service has changed, what has remained pretty constant is the demand for the support we offer. Since 1966 we have helped around 7000 officers and families; there's as much - if not more - of a need for our services now as there ever has been. Officers and staff, especially those who have seen at first hand the life-changing impact our grants have on their colleagues, often ask us how they can help.

So with this in mind we're hoping you will get behind our Share An Hour campaign this August and donate one hour's pay to the Trust.

Your donation will not only support our important work, but you will be helping to raise awareness of our services amongst your colleagues and their families - some of whom may be in desperate need of help right now. Christopher Head, David Wombwell and Geoffrey Fox are just three of many officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice. A great many more have suffered life-changing injuries. By committing to Share An Hour we can change lives together.

To find out more about the campaign and how you can Share An Hour for your colleagues, please visit http://www.policecare.org.uk/get-involved/share-an-hour/. During August we will share uplifting stories from some of the people we have helped in recent years so you can see the difference your gift will make.