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Protect the Protectors

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Assaults on police officers are sadly commonplace. The latest welfare survey data from the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) suggests there were more than two million unarmed physical assaults on officers over a 12-month period, and a further 302,842 assaults using a deadly weapon during the same period.

To assault a police officer, prison officer, or other emergency service worker is to attack society itself and should never be accepted as 'part of the job'.

We have joined with PFEW and the Prison Officers' Association to campaign for:
  •  a change in legislation
  •  tougher sentences
  •  better training and access to equipment
  •  more accurate data on police assaults
  •  improved welfare support.
Find out more about the Protect the Protectors campaign, hear from officers who have been assaulted and learn how you can get involved. If you have been assaulted on duty and would like to know more about sharing your story, contact BTP Federation.