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Inforamtion from our Annual Federation Conference.

British Transport
Police Federation
Conference 2016

The annual British Transport Police Federation Conference took place at the Roxburghe Hotel in Edinburgh on 8-9 March 2016.

On the eve of Conference, our Awards of Excellence recognised the achievements of officers from across our force area. The challenges we deal with are often very different to those of our colleagues in other forces, but the awards we presented are typical of the bravery and tenacity we all see so often.

Our host, STV news presenter John Mackay, read nine extraordinary citations. Amongst them: the story of an officer who was thrown onto the rail tracks by a man who could only be brought under control by the use of Taser; a team who lifted a van off a cyclist who had suffered serious injuries in a collision; and the officers who evacuated 40 people from a burning building.

The recipients received their awards from Chair of the Police Authority, Esther McVey (pictured above, front left) and DCC Adrian Hanstock (pictured above, front right).

It's difficult to convey the circumstances of each incident in 140 characters, but we took to Twitter during the evening as we felt it was important to share the range of work you do with a wider audience. You can read the round-up here.

The following day we were pleased to be joined by so many of our Divisional Reps, senior British Transport Police officers and guests from other forces and Federation branches; although it was unfortunate that The Secretary of State, the Rt Honourable Patrick McLoughlin MP, was unable to attend.

Our Chairman, Nigel Goodband, gave his address during which he covered the key issues the Federation is working on and commended the Chief Constable on the expansion of Taser. Our General Secretary, Darren Townsend, shared some of the significant challenges the Federation had faced and set out his vision for the future. Treasurer, Graham Poyser, gave an overview of welfare matters and talked of support available both within and outside of the police service.

We are grateful to the team from the Police Treatment Centres for giving us a presentation on the intensive physiotherapy and mental health support available from the charity, and the financial support available from the St George's Police Children Trust. We are also thankful to DCC Hanstock and Andrew Figgures, Chief Executive of the British Transport Police Authority, for participating so fully in a very useful question and answer session.